About us

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Eng. Mustafa el Zini; the owner has founded their first branch at Ein shams as a small workshop for Renault & Dacia cars. Then they quickly made a name for themselves and honored the trust of their customers, opened their second branch at Gesr El Suez at 2005. The company continued to grow up to open their third branch at El Rehab city at 2007. French motors has become the number 1 of sub-dealers of Renault in Cairo and after the death of its owner, the centers has worked under the supervision of his sons and they moved the main branch to el Shrouk city.

About French Motors

About FM
- Experience of 30 years in maintaining of Renault cars.

- 3 branches.

- Included 80 employees

- The branches serve 3 different place in Egypt.

- The reservation is by primacy attendance and you can see your car at the monitor.

- We are known by our accuracy of timing and the customers can wait in comfortable waiting area provided by Wifi`s and TV.

- French motors has high quality in their employees to give the best service and this prevent the issue of comebacks.